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Andrew Marshall calls for blogs, social media to discuss #thaistory and Thai cables

1. I put cables online as a resource for all. I don’t own the #thaistory cables, I am just the last link in a chain of people who got them from secret US servers to the public domain. Everyone should feel free to repost #thaistory cables on your own sites, discuss them, analyse them, etc. They are an open resource.

2. Those in Thailand for whom commenting on some #thaistory cables is highly dangerous will still find many others that are safe to discuss. I would urge everyone to use blogs and social media to discuss & share the #thaistory cables. They can greatly aid our knowledge of Thailand. If Thai (and most international) media want to pretend #thaistory cables don’t exist, it’s up to us in the wired world to show otherwise. If the mainstream media fails in its duty to report #thaistory cables, it is a great opportunity for blogs and social media to do the job. So please treat #thaistory cables as an open shared resource. All I ask is that you’re careful & responsible. Over to you. Best wishes.

Andrew Marshall, July 10

Note to readers: Feel free to comment or submit posts to thaistoryblog.


Call for Thai translators

Any Thai speakers willing to help translation of #thaistory : actually, better e-mail me, using link on page 1 of #thaistory.

Andrew Marshall

#thaistory part one ready for Thursday

Finally, enough of #thaistory is ready that it can be published. It will be in 2 parts. Part 1 will be online Thurs, Bangkok breakfast time. Part 1 is finished and ready to go; reason for Thursday publication is so interested media can prepare stories. Thanks to all for patience. Part 1 is finished and ready to go; reason for Thursday publication is so interested media can prepare stories. Thanks to all for patience.

Andrew Marshall, June 20

#thaistory *finally* arriving this week

Much delayed and much hyped, the long-awaited #thaistory is set to arrive some time this week. We hope.

“The main body of part 1 of #thaistory is complete. It will be published this week. Exact date will be decided soon. Part 2 will be published slightly later. Thank you for your patience.”

Andrew Marshall, June 20

#thaistory delayed again

In a development likely to annoy the hell out of everybody, after working through the night again I have still not finished. To prevent more damage to my rapidly vanishing credibility, I’m going to say no more until I get it done. My next tweet will be 12 hours before #thaistory is published. Unlikely to be today. Til then I’ll be keeping quiet. Keep the faith.

Andrew Marshall, June 15

Updates ahead of release

I have all 3,000+ cables on Thailand. My #thaistory references 100s and will link to them. Also releasing some cables in meantime. #thaistory will give full explanation; briefly, I got access while at Reuters, not via WikiLeaks. Then I resigned to run story… It’s almost complete. Should make everything clear. Delay in #thaistory is not attempt to be mysterious & create suspense. I know it pisses people off. But story is a lot of work.

Andrew Marshall, June 14

#thaistory release date put back

The plan to move #thaistory in 2 parts on Monday and Wednesday has had to be scrapped. The whole #thaistory will move Wednesday. That means 2 day delay: #thaistory runs Wed June 15. Huge apologies, this was not done just to annoy everyone, story is still being written. Interesting cables will start being released from now through Wednesday. And #thaistory will run Wed even if that means no sleep until then.

Andrew Marshall, June 12